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At JIDÉ, we are convinced that moments of togetherness around the fireplace are the ones that will be remembered the longest. Both a powerful stove or a fine insert are possible, we are flexible and also work custom-made. Together with you, we would like to look for an environmentally friendly solution with the highest possible efficiency and the lowest possible emission. Our fireplaces are economical, made with an eye for detail and bring the most beautiful fire into your living space.

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Photo of a wood insert fireplace

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Our gas range, Carino, blends design and functionality. With JIDÉ, the possibilities for both inserts and stoves are many and varied. The Carino range is based on real wood fires, but with added ease of use. The look of the flames is striking. Thanks to the remote-control thermostat, you can easily turn it on and off and programme it. That way, you have the comforting warmth of a fire, without all the hassle of firewood. Feel free to browse our complete catalogue and pick out the model of your dreams.

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Unable to install a wood-burning insert or a fireplace? Once again, JIDÉ has the solution. Based on its own wood-burning inserts and fireplaces, JIDÉ has developed a range of wood-burning stoves that come with or without ventilation. From the ventilated HOUSINGS around an insert or fireplace, to the unventilated MODUL-ART, we will always have the right model for you.

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Enjoy that holiday feeling at home with a JIDÉ wood-burning PLANCHA or BARBECUE. Thanks to the sleek design of these models, you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere as you cook up something delicious.

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The Modul-Art 67 stove is the ideal addition to our low-energy house. It provides additional warmth in the winter without having to draw on the central heating system. The stove also contributes enormously to the appearance and cosiness of the living room. We consider it a sustainable investment and cannot imagine life without the warmth of the stove. Christophe
We were looking for a wood-burning stove and our dealer recommended the JIDÉ brand because of its good price-quality ratio and its 100% Belgian label. We compared several brands, but our choice was JIDÉ and we bought the Pure 77/51. The appliance works very well and consumes little wood. It keeps us warm on those cold days and fits very elegantly in our home. Robert


JIDÉ is a Belgian company with its headquarters in the heart of the Herve region, in the province of Liege. The company manufactures inserts, fireplaces, wood stoves and gas inserts. It is distinguished by its quality products, 100% Made in Belgium, by its efficient stoves and inserts and by its refined and accomplished aesthetics. Walloon expertise, Liège excellence As a fireplace manufacturer, JIDÉ is one of the last in Belgium. Not only because of its innovative combustion techniques and its sense of aesthetics, but also because JIDÉ fireplaces are entirely manufactured in our country. The fireplace manufacturer has been in existence since 1990. The company was founded by Mr. Jacques Dumont.


From 1990 to 2000, the company had 5 employees, including the founder and his wife. In 2006, the company took off under the leadership of Vincent Hick. In 2020, Jean-Philippe Couasnard took over the reins of the company to take it to new heights. Know-how, its greatest strength From the idea on paper to the prototypes and the final products, all the fireplaces are designed, created and assembled in the Herve factory. Local production allows JIDÉ to carry out continuous quality controls and to guarantee every customer excellent service.